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Children's Mercy PCRU

The Pediatric Clinical Research Unit (PCRU) opened in January, 2013, in 5,500 square feet located on the ground level of the Hall Inpatient Tower at Children's Mercy Kansas City.

The PCRU is a self-contained clinical research nursing unit with accommodations for both inpatient and outpatient studies. The unit includes:

  • 3 single patient rooms
  • 1 three-bed patient room
  • 1 examination room
  • 2 specimen processing laboratories
  • Secure document and supply storage
  • Office space to accomodate 5 clinical coordinators
  • Recreational items for children such as games, crafts, TV, Nintendo and videos
    • Child Life staff are also available to assist with constructive activities for children

The PCRU is equipped with age-appropriate examination equipment, storage space, crash cart and monitoring equipment. Facilities are available for phlebotomy, urine collection, initial specimen processing and temporary specimen storage prior to laboratory delivery. The PCRU has been constructed to meet all applicable FDA/ICH guidelines for a phase I study unit and fully meets accreditation standards by JCHAO.

For more information, please contact PCRU Medical Director, Mark Clements, PhD, at

Last modified: Jan 28, 2022

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